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Meat wrapping Flat Films

Flat films for ham and poultry roast
Sun F Clear film
for Ham and
Flat films for ham and poultry roast
Sun Color F Colored Film
for Ham or
Sun Color casing cook and ship high barrier casings with color and pattern transfer
Spice transfer casings or film for cooked, semi-dry or dry meat producs or cheese
Sun Spice FS spice transfer 
Sun Spice FS spice falvoring flavors transfer film for ham, roast beef, poultry roasts cold transfer hot trasnfer cheese

Casings Application for Dry or Semi-Dry


Sun Flavor Gourmet spice coated plastic or fibrous casing for meat, poultry, cheese, fish, tofu, application
Sun Spice RS Spice
for dry or
Sun Spice RS spice transfer casings for dry cooked or semi-dry sausages

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Seasoning sheets, seasoning casings, bacon, deli meats, flavor, Spice transfer casings, barrier casing, plastic casings, smoke and caramel transfer casings, netting, flat film for ham production, spice flat film, processed meats poultry and cheese
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