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World Pac International headquartered in Leichtenstein has been honoured with a Gold award at the European FoodTec Awards ceremony held at the Anuga FoodTec. The innovative technology allows flavours to be succesfully transferred to the sausage or other foods wrapped in the casing. The technology offers food manufacturers a number of benefits including cost and time reduction as well as an all-in-one solution.

The development of impregnated, high barrier casings represents a milestone in the world of casings for cooked sausages, cooked cured products and processed cheese. An outer PE/PA/PE laminated film to form a wrapping provides an effective barrier layer notably against oxygen and steam. On the inside, an absorbent non-woven layer is provided which is optionally impregnated with liquid smoke, colouring and/or aroma substances. These flavours are transferred to the food inside, evenly and reliably, during the cooking and scalding process. Simple and safe handling, shorter production times, standardization and production flexibility as well as increased product safety are just a few of the benefits that can be achieved by using these newly-developed casings

The European FoodTec Awards consists of Gold and Silver. Gold is awarded for products with added new functions or the use of a new concept, resulting in significant process improvements. Silver is awarded for existing products with further development that has achieved a significant improvement in function or process.


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