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​With You At Every Step

World Pac takes innovation seriously. We are constantly driving to push technology forward motivated by making processors profitable, food safe and more efficient. Our knowledge come from the industry, our representatives come from the industry. We understand the industry. At World Pac International every day starts with an idea, a vision and a goal... We can't wait to help you with yours.

barrier casings colored or clear

NCII / HC5  Multi Layer

Plastic Casings For Fresh

Frozen or Cooked Products


Sun Net Our Elastic Netting.


LS422 Our Semi-Automatic

Film Applicator ​click on image for more..​​​


Seasoning sheets, seasoning casings, bacon, deli meats, flavor, Spice transfer casings, barrier casing, plastic casings, smoke and caramel transfer casings, netting, flat film for ham production, spice flat film, processed meats poultry and cheese
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